About us

Our Company History

Alfred J. Zacher established The Zacher Company in 1961. Decades later, his vision, experience, and leadership have firmly established The Zacher Company as a leader in the commercial and industrial real estate industry. Today, The Zacher Company lists, sells and leases more industrial and commercial real estate in Northeast Indiana and the surrounding region than any other brokerage company. Our team of real estate professionals has the depth of knowledge, technological capacity and breadth of experience that this competitive market demands.

Our Business Philosophy

Teamwork is an integral part of everything we do at The Zacher Company. It is a collaboration, not only between our brokers and staff, but also with our clients. We are not just working for you, but with you. Together, we develop and implement solutions. It has been over half a century since we started doing business that way and our client-centered approach continues to be effective today. We treat each client as a partner, developing a working relationship that targets their business objectives. By adhering to this philosophy, we ensure our client's success.

The Ground Floor of Our Business

We believe in forming a strong professional bond with our clients and familiarizing ourselves with their business goals. As they grow and expand, we are ready to meet additional challenges. Every single client collaboration is important to us. Whether it¹s finding the right location, handling a disposition, constructing the appropriate facility, negotiating for the ideal space, or analyzing market trends to strategize for the future, we are eager partners. In the end, our clients’ achievements form the building blocks for a strong and vibrant community . . . which makes us all successful.